25 Dec 2012 - 15:51
When a fluid flows through a pipe or down the bed of a river at high velocities, it forms whirlpools and becomes turbulent. These whirlpools, known as “eddies”, lead to a striking increase in...
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Eddies in a Turbulent Thin Film of Soapy Water
25 Dec 2012 - 15:44
The thin film is rendered turbulent by eddies of various sizes. Photograph by Hamid Kellay (University of Bordeaux, France)
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Eddies in a Turbulent Pool
25 Dec 2012 - 15:19
The water in the pool is rendered turbulent by eddies of various sizes. Sketch from 15th century by Leonardo da Vinci
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20 Dec 2012 - 10:38
Professor Mahesh Bandi making hydrophobic grains on the surface of water wrinkle together like fabric.
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20 Dec 2012 - 10:19
Emulating the Tears of Wine, where fingers of liquid split and return to each other along the sides of a wine glass.  Photo by Prof. Mahesh Bandi
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19 Dec 2012 - 13:27
While conducting research for the global stage is one of OIST’s main objectives, giving back to the local Okinawan community is equally important to the university and its researchers. In an effort...
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A future scientist?
19 Dec 2012 - 13:26
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A Colony of Ants
19 Dec 2012 - 13:25
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