25 May 2017
The quantum world is both elegant and mysterious. It is a sphere of existence where the laws of physics experienced in everyday life are broken—particles can exist in two places at once, they can...
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19 May 2017
Traditional chemistry is immensely powerful when it comes to producing very diverse and very complex microscopic chemical molecules. But one thing out of reach is the synthesis of large structures up...
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24 Apr 2017
An important concept in future healthcare is the development of devices called “lab on a chip”. These “chips”, not related to the electronic ones found in computers, are small devices in which...
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The mechanophore glows more intensely as the stretching increases - 引っ張り応力が増大すると、メカノフォアからの発光度が増す

17 Apr 2017
The polymer material is stretched with an increasing force resulting in a corresponding brighter emission of light from the mechanophore (here under UV light and with false colors). The graph shows...
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6 Apr 2017
The Crown-of-Thorns Starfish - or COTS - is a familiar sight for scuba divers in tropical waters: the starfish, resembling the biblical that gave it its name, swarms over coral reefs around the world...
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6 Apr 2017
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