7 Mar 2013
OIST opens its campus to the public once a year to showcase its research and demonstrate through hands-on learning that science is fun! Creative commons music by...
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14 May 2020
OIST Volunteers have been distributing alcohol-based gel to the Onna Village community.
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1 May 2020
See how a group of OIST physicists used their knowledge to create a device that allows medical workers to safely re-use face masks.
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17 Apr 2020
Meet the OIST Team working to manufacture 3d Printed Face Shields for the local healthcare workers.
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15 Apr 2020
Learn how and why to properly clean your hands to keep yourself and your community free. Be a hero: fight COVID-19 with knowledge. A video made by members of the OIST community
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30 Mar 2020
Learn about cool #polymers by making slime at home!
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9 Mar 2020
Do you know about the Moebius Kaleidocycle? It’s a special 3D shape invented by scientists at #OIST! With just 3 simple things, it’s easy to make your own! Download the template here:...
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31 Oct 2019
What are OIST reserarchers doing? Coming up with the future! What will you do?
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13 Sep 2019
September 13th 2019: OIST was pleased to host Mr. Denny Tamaki, Governor of Okinawa Prefecture. Arriving in the morning, he was welcomed to the campus by the children of OIST’s Child Development...
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4 Sep 2019
Tomorrow’s scientific leaders and historic cultural spectacles were highlighted together as Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) welcomed the Eighth Class of...
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3 Sep 2019
A full house as the audience assembles for the 2019 OIST Welcome Ceremony
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9 May 2019
OIST’s Prof. Amy Shen and her unit explore the strange world of fluids at tiny scales. But that’s just part of the big picture. See what makes their science flow!   Music Credits: "Galaxy (...
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