7 Jun 2012
Photographed by Bernd Kuhn.
Type: Photo
24 Jan 2012
As described in...
Type: Event Report
20 Dec 2011
“Scientific conferences habitually involve science specialists sharing information with other scientists in the same field. However, OIST’s interdisciplinary nature  means that alternative ways...
Type: Event Report
2 Nov 2011
OIST staff got together on 1 November in the Center Court to celebrate the first day of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. Gambatte!...
Type: Event Report
22 Aug 2011
“IIya Sassaa, Haaiiya” shouted members of local Youth Eisa Group, and the sound of the drums and Sanshin, Okinawan traditional three-strings musical instrument, echoed around the OIST campus. Eisa...
Type: Event Report
1 Aug 2011
(From left) OIST President-elect Dr. Jonathan Dorfan and the...
Type: Event Report
22 Apr 2011
On April 22, OIST took part in Earth Day celebrations by cleaning up the Seaside...
Type: Event Report
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