Tancha Beach Cleaning

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Tancha Beach Cleaning is a volunteer group from the OIST community which organises regular beach clean-ups, mainly in the Tancha area. These simple events not only physically remove polluting materials from the ocean, but also provide opportunities for nurturing relationships with the local community and raising awareness of the consequences of single-use plastic waste. The club also supports local businesses by inviting some local food vendors to beach-cleaning events to sell refreshments to volunteers after the beach-clean. The group was founded in 2016 by an OIST PhD student and has been maintained by various members of the OIST community over the years. Tancha Beach Cleaning is part of the OIST ECO Club.

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Rubbish Collected Beach Clean January

Project Collaborators

  • Oki-life, Chura-mura
  • Okinawa Clean Coast Network
  • Grateful Rainbows (Beach Cleanup Group)
  • Vendors: Kokopelli Pizza, Heavenly Hot-dogs

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