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The Okinawa Science Mentoring Program (OSMP) offers enthusiastic Okinawan high school students the opportunity to connect with OIST graduate students, technicians or postdocs in order to learn about life as a scientist, to identify areas of personal interest and to explore future career options. The program aims to improve engagement with STEM subjects and inspire the next generation of scientists in Okinawa. The Okinawa Science Mentoring Program is run by OIST PhD students as part of OIST’s Professional and Career Development (PCD) program. This year, there are two groups working with slightly different approaches. One group is focusing on providing mentoring in Japanese to improve accessibility and understanding for local high students. The other group is focusing on arranging visits to several high schools to provide seminars and hands-on experiments in English. To find out more about this year’s OSMP, click here.

OIST PhD students engaging with Okinawan high school students.

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  • Kouyo High School
  • Kaiho High School
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