OIST Science Festival 2023

The event is open to the public and is suitable for children and adults. In addition to science shows and lectures, for the first time in four years, participants can visit some areas in the laboratory buildings. This is a great opportunity to experience OIST's research and the latest science and technology. Program details are updated on this page as needed.


Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023, 10:00–16:00

Venue: OIST Main Campus (Access)

Admission: Free / Registration Required (maximum of 1000)

Download the flyer (PDF/1.4MB) here


How to join

There is no waiting list this year. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration opens on Oct. 16 at 10:00 (spots are limited). 
*Registration is required to participate in this event.

<FULLY BOOKED>To participate, you must register for either the morning or the afternoon Auditorium Science Show and Kid's Lecture:
Morning session (10:00-11:40) and Main Campus Program *max. 500
Afternoon session (14:00-15:40) and Main Campus Program *max. 500

<FULLY BOOKED>In the Main Campus Program, the following Hands-on Science Activities require additional registration:

Please feel free to explore the other booths and exhibitions in the Main Campus Program. 



*Reservation required.
Morning Session: 10:00~ Afternoon Session: 14:00~

Fire and Ice: Exploring Extremes of Temperature

A lady in white coat in front of a machine

Monika Eggenberger
Quantum Materials Science Unit

The Science Show is BACK! Can you touch fire without being burned? What can be cooler than ice? Let's try to science "hotness" and "coldness" through magic-like experiments!"

All ages
Science Show

Do you know the Okinawan species "Acicnemis ryukyuana"?

A man holding a specimen

Jake Lewis
Environmental Science and Informatics Section

Meet the long-nosed elephant bugs: weevils. Of course, the weevil “nose” is actually a set of specialized mouthparts resembling an elephant's trunk! Although some species are considered pests, these fascinating creatures have captured the interest of entomologist Jake. Join him as he explores their intriguing lives, including a new species discovered in Okinawa!

Kids Lecture

Main Campus

Let's take a look at the glowing E. coli

Proteins are very important for living organisms. For example, they can be muscles, hair, or skin, or give energy for body, and make ""enzymes"" that help chemical reactions, among many other roles. In our laboratory, we mainly use E. coli bacteria to study functions of proteins. Let's see E. coli in action in our lab!


<FULLY BOOKED>*Reservation required. 10 persons per session (Elementary+)

Exploring the Mind of Robots

What are robots and how can we learn from each other? Join us to explore the world of robots while interacting with them!


<FULLY BOOKED>*Reservation required. 10 persons per session (Elementary+)

Let’s do chemistry in the kitchen!

Race boats and make some bubble tea with magic of chemistry!


Morphing Identity: Is It Me? Is It You? Let’s exchange faces!

With AI technology, you can experience your face gradually being exchanged. How much can you believe it is you?

All ages
Hands-on/ Exhibition

Experience the amazing power of the quantum world

The mysterious quantum world appears in many movies and you may have heard of quantum computers or the quantum internet but what's so amazing about the quantum realm? Come visit us to talk with quantum scientists, see the quantum world with your own eyes, and see how science can manipulate and control tiny particles to develop tomorrow's technologies and to explore fundamental mysteries of the quantum world.

All ages

Wonders of Ants and OKEON Chura mori Project

All ages

Photo Booth

The perfect place to take a photo to keep your memory of OIST Science Festival 2023!

All ages

Parking Information

Please use the OIST Village Center parking lot or multi-story parking garage and follow the guidance of the staff on the day of the event. We ask that visitors ride together as parking is limited.

Food Trucks

Enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and family from food trucks in the parking lot across from AEON in OIST Village Center. Please note that the food trucks will be cancelled in the event of bad weather.

Ken’s Burrito Truck  Burrito
Old spices  Kebab, Mango smoothie
VOYAGE KITCHEN  Chiffon cake
Panama Genjin  Jerk chicken

Contact information

OIST Community Relations Section
TEL 098-966-2184