Sensory Systems

The course will cover general concepts and specific sensory modalities. Classes alternate between lecture-style teaching and a journal club. Each lecture will be based on a textbook chapter (including Kandel et al.’s Principles of Neural Sciences) to cover basic and broad topics, but will also serve as an opportunity to introduce concepts required to understand the research article associated with the lecture.

The course is structured for students who would like to know about sensory systems in the brain at an advanced level. The overall aim is expose students to research-level materials, but starting from basic concepts. Topics will include specialisations as well as common principles found in the mechanisms of sensory perception, and will cover the somatosensory, visual, auditory, olfactory systems from transduction to higher cognitive functions. In parallel, the course aims to develop students’ ability to read and discuss primary research articles, to give students an exposure to some of the latest techniques and developments.

Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

The course is aimed at students with a background in neuroscience (either at the BSc/MSc level or having successfully completed some of the basic neuroscience courses offered at OIST). It assumes knowledge in cellular neurophysiology and neuroanatomy.