Quantum Optics for Qubits

This course introduces basic notions of quantum optics and prepares a theoretical foundation that facilitates understanding the working principles of modern quantum devices, such as linear optical quantum computers, ion traps, superconducting circuits etc. In many cases physical systems used in quantum technology applications can be described by simple quantum physics of spins (two level systems) and harmonic oscillators. We start from basic algebras of a, a^dagger and Pauli, and then move on to topics such as coherent states, squeezed states, (anti-)bunching, photon statistics, Rabi oscillation, Bloch sphere, Ramsey interference,  cavity QED, master equations, quantum input-output relation, two-qubit entangling gate, ion traps, Josephson junctions, circuit QED.

Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

Basic knowledge about
・Undergrad-level quantum mechanics
・Undergrad-level linear algebra