Hiroki Takahashi

Hiroki was born, raised and nurtured in Japan during his youth. In his master and Ph.D, he worked on quantum optics involving squeezed light, Schrödinger’s kittens and tons of optical mirrors. After that he decided to try his luck in the United Kingdom where he also started new research about ion trapping and cavity QED. After turbulent but enjoyable eight and half years in the UK, he returned to Japan in one piece. Then at University of Tokyo he experienced research using superconducting Josephson circuits. Upon joining OIST, he switched his research subject back to the more experienced ion trapping with good memory of transmon qubits in his mind.

OIST Center for Quantum Technologies

This unit is a member of the OIST Center for Quantum Technologies (OCQT)

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PRESTO Researcher, University of Sussex
Senior Research Assistant, University of Sussex
Project Research Associate, University of Tokyo
Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Osaka University
Marie-Curie Post-doctoral fellowship
PRESTO research grant
Photo of Hiroki Takahashi
Hiroki Takahashi
Assistant Professor
Ph.D in Quantum Optics (the University of Tokyo)
Master in Applied Physics (the University of Tokyo)