Quantum Engineering – Simulation and Design

Target Students
This course is targeted to students with a background in physics or any relevant discipline who have good knowledge of quantum mechanics and who wish to develop skills in the computational modelling of quantum machines. Advanced experience with Python is not required but some familiarity and competence with Python (such as taking the Python boot-camp) is required.

This course explores the topic of integrated quantum devices. Such devices bring together different types of quantum systems which provide new functionality not possible within an individual quantum system. Such devices are used for fundamental quantum mechanic studies, quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum computing. During the course students will develop “engineering” type skills towards learning how to design and model – theoretically and computationally, various types of composite quantum devices. Systems to be studied include integrated photonic with atomic, condensed matter and motional atomic systems including cavity quantum electrodynamics, cavity optomechanics, Nitrogen vacancy defects in diamond and levitated quantum systems.

The course consists of an initial section consisting of weekly lectures and computer labs. These labs are the central component of the course and during these labs students will learn computational techniques to study the properties of integrated quantum devices using python. The second section of the course consists of journal clubs and a final computational project with a poster presentation.

Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

Undergraduate quantum mechanics (full year), experience is pre-required. This includes good knowledge of the quantum matrix mechanics for spin, Schrodinger equation (stationary and time dependent), and the operator treatment of the quantum harmonic oscillator including creation and annihilation operators. Desirable pre-knowledge includes cavity quantum electrodynamics and atoms interacting with electromagnetic radiation. Python boot-camp is required but no other Python skills are required.