Thursday, 23. February 2012 - 9:56

Colloquium Series Starts at OIST

Before the colloquium, attendees had a chance to talk to the speaker over refreshments.

Dr. Sreenivasan

On 21 February OIST launched a regular series of colloquium style lectures on a wide range of topics of general scientific and social relevance with a talk by Professor K.R. Sreenivasan from New York University. His lecture, "From the Size of an Atom to the Size of the Universe: What is the Connection?" explored the fascinating features of turbulence at low temperatures. Prof. Sreenivasan interspersed his lecture with historical accounts of how the subject developed and also described our modern understanding. About 70 people enjoyed refreshments before moving into the lecture theatre to listen to the talk.

OIST Colloquium speakers will be researchers and specialists who are equally known for their ability to engage an audience as for their subject matter knowledge. The talks are aimed at a broad audience; all members of the university and the general public should feel that it is useful to attend the colloquia, which are also open to all other academic institutions and schools on Okinawa. Prof Sreenivasan's talk was the first in what will become a tradition of fascinating colloquia at OIST.

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