KAWAI Tetsuya


Dr. Tetsuya Kawai is an experienced IT Project Manager and Service Manager. With his MSc in Physical Chemistry, he joined one of the major electric manufacturers in Japan, where he started his career as an IT engineer before he enrolled in a doctorate course at Osaka University. After receiving a Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology, he relocated to Singapore to join an IT service provider there. Since then, for over a decade, he has engaged himself in IT infrastructure project management and service management to support the APAC business of a Japanese automaker. He has led a team of members from all over Asia. His leadership successfully maximised their abilities, which enabled the improvement of IT projects and operations and reduced cost. In OIST, which boasts a truly international environment, he believes that, with the extensive experience, he will be able to contribute to the development and prosperity of OIST, Okinawa, and the World through user-oriented IT services and digital transformation.

Apr 2016 – Dec 2021
General Manager, Infrastructure Solution Department, Toyota Tsusho Systems Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Apr 2014 – Mar 2016
Secondment in IT Business Department, Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Nagoya, Tokyo)
Apr 2008 – Mar 2014
Group Leader, Customer Engineering Group, TT Network Integration Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Apr 2001 – Mar 2005
Corporate Information Systems Company, Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation
Apr 1994 – Mar 2001
Central Research Laboratory, Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation
Jul 2008
Best Paper Award at IFIP Conference on Wireless Sensors and Actor Networks 2008, Ottawa, Canada
Sep 1997 – Dec 1999
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (Tanzania)
Tetsuya Kawai
KAWAI Tetsuya
Vice President of Information Technology
Chief Information Officer