Yokkaichi High School students visited OIST

Yokkaichi High School students from Mie Prefecture visited OIST on 4th October 2022.


Yokkaichi High School students visited OIST to learn about Marine Science as part of their SSH study trip. The visit opened with a lecture by Professor Vincent Laudet from Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit on why he is studying clownfishes followed by a lecture by Dr. Koki Nishitsuji, a staff scientist from Marine Genomics Unit. The students also presented their research projects and received feedbacks from Dr. Manon Mercader from Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit and Dr. Koki Nishitsuji. After the session, the students had a tour of the Marine Science Station hosted by Manon Mercader and Teresa Iglesias.

Visit Summary
Date: 4th October 2022
School name: Yokkaichi High School (Mie)
No. of students: 10
Volunteer unit:
Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit
Marine Genomics Unit
・Animal Resources Section
Volunteer members:
・Prof. Vincent Laudet (Professor)
・Saori Miura (Research Unit Technician)
・Dr. Koki Nishitsuji (Staff Scientist)
・Dr. Manon Mercader (Postdoctoral Scholar)
・Teresa Iglesias (Team Leader for Cephalopod Support)

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