Seishin Gakuen High School visited OIST

Seishin Gakuen High School students visited OIST on 6th-8th September 2023.


Students from the Seishin Gakuen High School visited OIST and joined the first OIST STEM Experience, Exploration, and Discovery (SEED) Program.

During the program, PhD students Yuki Tara and Tatsuki Hamamoto shared their inspiration to pursue scientific research and elaborated on their current research. Furthermore, the program participants designed their own experiments in the field of brain plasticity with OIST PhD students Dmitry Kovalevskiy and Temma Fujishige. The program also included a lecture by Professor Kenji Doya as well as a hands-on activity using programming at the Neural Computation Unit. It was a great opportunity for the participants to learn about a wide range of science fields over the course of three days.

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