OIST Coral Project Received the Iwasa Award

The project also started crowdfunding. 

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We are pleased to announce that the OIST Coral Project has won the 4th SDGs Japan Scholarship Iwasa Prize. 

The SDGs Japan Scholarship Iwasa Prize is given by the Iwasa Foundation for Education and Culture to support organizations and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the fields of healthcare, education, welfare, environment, economy, peace and human rights, arts and sports, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and food. The OIST Coral Project received the award for the “Environment” category from among 582 contenders.   

The OIST Coral Project was launched in July 2023 by OIST Professor Noriyuki Satoh to conserve and restore healthy coral reefs in Okinawa through science. To date, the project has received support from 20 companies in and outside of Okinawa. (For more information on the first year of activities since launch, please visit: https://www.oist.jp/news-center/news/2024/2/21/oists-coral-project-celebrates-noteworthy-achievements-its-first-year

“We are very pleased to receive this prestigious award. The OIST Coral Project is made possible thanks to the support of individuals and corporations. We will put the prize money to good use by further expanding the project's activities to study and conserve coral reef biodiversity. We hope to use the award as an opportunity to work with more partners in the second year of the project,” said OIST Advancement Officer Shimon Sato, who has been involved in the management of the OIST Coral Project since launch.   

The OIST Coral Project has also started a crowdfunding site to increase public awareness of and engagement in the project. This is also the first crowdfunding project that OIST has undertaken. Your support will be greatly appreciated. 

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