Friday, 5. August 2022 - 17:00

New Partnership Launched to Inspire Startups in Agriculture and Food Technology

OIST has signed a partnership agreement with AgVenture Lab, an innovation lab consisting of eight Japan Agrticultural Cooperatives (JA) organizations across Japan. Through this partnership, OIST will support startups in the areas of AgTech (agriculture technology) and FoodTech (food technology) by conducting proof-of-concept experiments and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. The partnership will utilize the networks of both OIST and AgVenture Lab to promote development and exchanges.  

OIST and AgVenture Lab signed a partnership agreement

Koki Ogino, CEO of AgVenture Lab (left) and Anna Nagamine, Manager at the Technology Development and Innovation Center at OIST (right) 

In July 2022, a public event titled, "Meet the Life Innovators-Future of Food, Agriculture and Life," was held at OIST to commemorate the signing of the partnership agreement. The event attracted not only those in the agricultural industry, but also a wide variety of participants interested in innovation initiatives in Okinawa. 

Koki Ogino, CEO of AgVenture Lab, delivered his opening remarks at the event and said, “There are various challenges to be overcome for our future, such as the food crisis and climate change. To tackle these issues, we will fully utilize the knowledge of OIST and AgVenture Lab’s network.” 

In the second half of the event, four OIST-based agricultural startups presented their ideas. The event was a great step forward in connecting the agricultural industry, technology and people in Okinawa. 

Presentation by Shohei Toyonaga, the CEO of Cultivera

Shohei Toyonaga introducing the business of Cultivera, an OIST-based startup 

The moderator of the event, OIST’s Incubator/Accelerator Coordinator Hiroshi Yoshikawa, said, "With this partnership agreement with AgVenture Lab, OIST will speed up its efforts to create technology that addresses the challenges Okinawa faces. We hope to build bridges between Okinawa, Japan, and the world to create a major movement." 

The recorded video of the public event, "Meet the Life Innovators-Future of Food, Agriculture and Life," held at OIST on July 8, 2022 is available here (Japanese only). 

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