OIST Quantum Research Teams Join New Sustainable Quantum AI Research Center Project

Two quantum research teams at OIST will join the COI-NEXT project to lead quantum research in Japan.

OIST Quantum Research Teams Join New Sustainable Quantum AI Research Center Project

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) has joined the project, “Sustainable AI Research Center through Co-creation by Quantum Software and HPC/Simulation Technology" (shortened to "Sustainable Quantum AI Research Center") as a collaborating institution.

The Sustainable Quantum AI Research Center project was proposed by the University of Tokyo, the representative institution, in collaboration with 24 participating universities and companies, including OIST. The project was recently selected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to be part of the program on Open Innovation Platform for Industry-Academia Co-Creation (COI-NEXT), with the project’s field of quantum technology designated as a policy priority area.

From OIST, three researchers including Professor Kae Nemoto (Quantum Information Science and Technology Unit), Professor Thomas Busch (Quantum Systems Unit), and a research fellow, Thomas Fogarty (Quantum Systems Unit), will join the project. Their research will address challenges and promote development  in quantum machine learning, quantum simulation and quantum optimization.

Professor Kae Nemoto, who heads the Quantum Information Science and Technology Unit, expressed her enthusiasm for the project: "Although OIST’s focus is basic research, research results with potential industrial applications are also emerging. Through this project, we hope to contribute to the creation and social implementation of new quantum technologies in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, participating universities and institutions, and industry.”

For the project overview and participating institutions, see the press release of the University of Tokyo, the representative institution of the project (link: https://www.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/info/36117/) (Japanese only).


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