Thursday, 24. November 2016 - 13:25

Diving Incident Update

The OIST Emergency Task Force, which was set up immediately after the diving incident on 14 November, is continuing to make every practical effort to locate the missing diver. We have done surface and underwater searches by using underwater vehicles while maintaining prevention of further incidents and the effort will be continued with companies that specialize in underwater searches.  Close contact is maintained with the Coastguards to ensure that data from previous surface and underwater searches are utilized for the continuing searches.

OIST is doing everything possible to help the Coastguard as they continue their inquiry into the circumstances of the incident.

The Okinawa Office of Labor Standards will visit the Graduate University in early December to look into OIST rules and procedures related to marine fieldwork.

An OIST Review Panel is also being constituted immediately with external experts and members of the OIST Executive and Faculty to reflect on the incident and review OIST procedures as they pertain to our marine-based research.

The Task Force is updating Shohei Suzuki’s family on all steps that are being taken to locate their missing son.

At this very distressing time, our thoughts and prayers go to the Suzuki family and to all of Shohei Suzuki’s friends and colleagues, both inside and outside the Graduate University.

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