Friday, 18. November 2016 - 13:32

Diving Incident

Two OIST divers were involved in a diving incident in Ie-Suido channel off the coast of Okinawa on 14 November.

One diver, Shohei Suzuki, did not return to the surface after a dive to install scientific equipment. The Coastguards, police, fire rescue service and local fishermen made a surface search for the missing diver and the Coastguards carried out underwater searches until forced to stop by nightfall.

On Tuesday 15 November both surface and underwater searches continued throughout the day. On Wednesday 16 November the incident area was again searched but the Coastguard search has now been called off. Attempts to find Shohei Suzuki have failed.

The second diver, Koichi Toda, has been released from hospital and is making satisfactory progress.

Shohei Suzuki’s parents and brother have visited OIST and every effort has been made to be at their disposal at this terribly difficult time.

The OIST community has been deeply affected and everyone is asked to display compassion and understanding following this extremely unfortunate incident.

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