OIST Welcomes New Vice President, Ali Ganjehlou

Architect with wide experience in construction internationally and in Japan joins OIST.

Mr Ali Ganjehlou came to Japan over 30 years ago as a student. He graduated from the University of Tokyo and later worked for the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, the designer of famous Nakagin Capsule Tower. Mr Ganjehlou continued his architectural career in Nikken Sekkei Ltd, a Japanese company pioneering sustainable design. Now, he has assumed a position of a Vice President in charge of buildings and facilities management at OIST.

Born in Iran, Mr Ganjehlou lived in Japan and the USA since early adulthood and eventually changed citizenship to American. He also spent significant time in China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries working on various architectural projects. He is fluent in Persian, Japanese, and English.

He reveals that his decision to apply for the Vice President position at OIST has been highly influenced by his long-time friend and his predecessor, John Dickison. They met more than 30 years ago in Kurosawa’s studio and stayed in contact even as their life paths diverged. “John helped me to understand the [Vice President's] job,” Mr Ganjehlou explains, “It combines all the experiences that I have acquired before.”

OIST’s new Vice President is very enthusiastic about his new role. He aspires to create and employ innovative facility management methods. “Something that matches the research that is done here,” he says.

Mr Ganjehlou is especially interested in sustainability and new types of homes. He mentioned that he would be very interested in participating in self-efficient homes research. He believes that some of the results can be implemented on the OIST campus.

He wants OIST to continue to embody the latest advances in technology, science, and management to contribute to a better future for Okinawa and Japan, one with a thriving economy and a healthy environment.

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