Friday, 27. March 2015 - 10:36

OIST Welcomes its Vice President for Financial Management

On April 1st Dr. Keiji Takanashi starts his first day at OIST as the Vice President for Financial Management. He will be responsible for operating the university budgets and will oversee the relevant accounting. The Vice President for Financial Management also handles all procurements and tenders, and guides the University with innovative approaches to the best business practices in areas such as budget monitoring and forecasting.

For the past eight years Dr. Takanashi was the Senior Vice President for Management and University Reform at the University of Fukui. He has held senior positions in economic consulting at KPMG, a global professional firm, at its New York Office and also worked for six years with the then Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Dr. Takanashi holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University.

"My career vision has been to help Japanese institutions of higher education become globally competitive. I hope to continue this at OIST and help it become one of the best international graduate universities in the world."

OIST will be well served by his wealth of experience. Welcome Dr. Takanashi, we look forward to your contribution at OIST.

By Joykrit Mitra

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