Two Universities – Established and New – Seek Common Goals

An agreement of scientific and academic cooperation was concluded between OIST and the University of Tokyo.

OIST Executives travelled to Tokyo on January 28 to conclude an agreement of scientific and academic cooperation with the University of Tokyo. “We are very honored to be here,” said OIST President Jonathan Dorfan at the outset of a signing ceremony of the agreement. “OIST is an international university, but also a Japanese university. We are the ‘new kids on the block.’ Concluding this agreement with the University of Tokyo is a prestigious event for us. I hope this will enhance our cooperation.” President Junichi Hamada of the University of Tokyo concurred, “We are also honored. This agreement will help strengthen our ties and develop further research and educational cooperation between the two universities.”

The ceremony began with an introduction of attendees from both universities. From the University of Tokyo, President Hamada was joined by Executive Vice President Prof. Youichiro Matsumoto, Dean of the School of Science Prof. Hiroaki Aihara, Dean of the Institute of Medical Science Prof. Hiroshi Kiyono, and Vice Dean of the School of Science Prof. Masahiro Hoshino. President Dorfan was accompanied by Provost Robert Baughman, Executive Vice President George Iwama, Dean Jeff Wickens, and Academic Exchange Coordinator Makoto Higasa.

Dean Wickens and Dean Aihara signed a second inter-university document, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on student exchange between the two schools. Under this agreement, OIST will accept students from the University of Tokyo as research interns or special research students, while OIST students will equally have an opportunity to study at the University of Tokyo to receive research guidance. “This is a very important day for the OIST Graduate School. We look forward to strong collaboration with the University of Tokyo and I hope the MOU will bring benefits for students of both universities,” said Dean Wickens.  Dean Aihara, who is a long-time scientific counterpart of President Dorfan going back to the 1980's in California, USA, said “We really look forward to more student exchange between the two schools.” Having visited OIST in the past, he praised OIST’s facilities and international faculty and researchers. “This MOU will help our students have a wider perspective and provide great opportunities for research and education.”

The OIST delegation was then taken on a tour of the campus, including Koishikawa Botanical Garden, the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics and its ATLAS Regional Analysis Center.

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