The Growth of OIST Captured in Time-Lapse Movies

There are two buildings under construction right now at OIST, and it is amazing to watch how quickly they take shape. One is Laboratory 2, which is expected to be completed in Spring 2012. The building will be three stories, and about 20 researchers will be located there. The other - a spacious auditorium capable of seating 500 people - is expected to be completed in February 2012. The design of the auditorium will be stylish, and it will look as if the building is floating in the lake.

Two cameras have been capturing images of these two construction sites since the beginning of July, and the “Campus | Work to Date” page displays the most recent construction images and has links to up-to-date movies of construction progress. A more polished time-lapse movie of the construction of both buildings can be found here. This webcam project will continue until these buildings are complete.

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