Building Collaboration

It is understood that strong collaboration between OIST and the University of the Ryukyus will benefit both institutions. The question is how to establish such collaboration and professional interchange?  OIST President-elect Jonathan Dorfan and Dr. Teruo Iwamasa, the President of the University of the Ryukyus, had already established four areas to work on: Scientific Collaboration, Undergraduate Education, Employment Opportunities and Cultural Enrichment.

Excellent progress was made on Friday, June 17 with the visit of President Iwamasa and senior staff members. After a tour of OIST and an introduction to the OIST Board of Governors, a science interchange was held in which 3 researchers from each university gave short talks on their current work.

  • Dr. Hideo Yamasaki (UoR): "Nitric Oxide, a key molecule to integrate multidisciplinary sciences"
  • Dr. Bernd Kuhn (OIST): "Calcium imaging in the cerebellum of awake mice with genetically encoded indicators"
  • Dr. Ryosuke Kimura (UoR): "Identification of genes involved in population-specific phenotypes and positive selection in humans"
  • Dr. Ichiro Masai (OIST): "Genetic approach using zebrafish to elucidate the mechanisms underlying retinal development and disease"
  • Dr. Tohru Naruse (UoR): "Practice of biodiversity studies in the Ryukyu Islands"
  • Dr. Mary Ann Price (OIST): "Dissecting the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway”

Governor Hirokazu Nakaima of Okinawa attended the dinner that was held in the OIST cafe and thanked both OIST and the University of Ryukyus for setting up productive contacts underlining the importance of research and education to the future growth of the island’s economy.

President Iwamasa (right) and Dr. Masai (left) exchange cards.

Dr. Yamazaki, Vice President of the University of the Ryukyus, speaks at the dinner.


Governor Nakaima with Dr. Dorfan

Governor Nakaima’s message in the OIST Golden Book.



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