International Symposium: Toward Development of an R&D Cluster in Okinawa

Strategies for OIST and Okinawa to Develop a Self-Sustaining Regional Economy

International Symposium:

Towards the Development of an R&D Cluster in Okinawa

 -- Strategies for OIST and Okinawa to Develop a Self-Sustaining Regional Economy --



The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation (OIST P.C.) was established in 2005 to prepare for the establishment of a new type of global graduate university in Japan: integrating cross-disciplinary approaches to science and technology, conducting research and instruction in English, and aiming to recruit at least half of its faculty and students from abroad. In addition to its mandate to conduct world-class research and education in science and technology, the OIST Graduate University aims to contribute to the self-sustaining economic development of Okinawa.  As OIST prepares to welcome its inaugural class of graduate students in the fall of 2012, developing a strategy to enable a cluster of knowledge-based R&D activity surrounding the university and to encourage innovative entrepreneurship that capitalizes on the strengths of Okinawa becomes a high priority.


The goal of the Workshop is to provide a venue for brainstorming ways to stimulate global innovation and entrepreneurship in Okinawa, innovation that builds on the unique environment, that creates new industries to better serve local and regional needs, and that also leads to a self-sustaining, globally connected economy. OIST anticipates that continued dialogue in the form of future workshops and meetings, as well as the building of a network of global entrepreneurial leaders, will contribute to the development of a strategic roadmap for Okinawa, one that can guide government and the private sector in setting policy and long-term investment in the areas with the greatest potential impact.

1. Date & Time: October 6, 2010  9:00-12:00

2. Venue: Lecture Hall B250, Central Building, OIST Campus (1919-1 Tancha, Onna Village, Okinawa)

3. Program

(1)  Welcome: Dr. Jonathan Dorfan, President-Elect, OIST Graduate University

(2)  Remarks:   Representative, Ministry of State for Okinawa & Northern Territories Affairs

                        Okinawa Prefectural Government Official

                        Ambassador John Roos, U.S. Ambassador to Japan


Ambassador Roos 

(3) Keynote Address: “Singapore’s Experience: Economic Development with Science & Technology”

      Mr. Philip Yeo, Chairman, SPRING Singapore & Special Advisor for Economic Development, Singapore Prime Minister's Office


Mr. Philip Yeo

(4) Roundtable Discussion: “The Opportunities and Challenges to Developing a Thriving R&D Cluster in Okinawa and OIST’s Role as a Catalyst”

 Moderator: Mr. Mitsuru Miyata, Chief Editor for Medical, Nikkei BP, Japan

 Panelists:   Ms. Julie Meier Wright, CEO, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp, USA

                         Mr. Toshiaki Taira, Chief Operating Officer, Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation, Japan

                         Mr. Yoshiaki Tsukamoto, Executive Director, Bio Industry Association, Japan

                         Dr. Sass Somekh, Partner, Musea Ventures, Los Altos Hills, California, USA

                         Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, Principal Investigator, OIST, Japan

*** Simultaneous English/Japanese interpretation available

*** The program will be followed by an opinion exchange with refreshments and a campus tour. (12:00-13:30)

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