7 Mar 2017
In 2005, the Hayabusa spacecraft developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) landed on Itokawa, a small near-Earth asteroid named after the famous Japanese rocket scientist Hideo...
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8 Mar 2016
Fluid Mechanics Unit investigators are interested in the interplay of laminar and turbulent flow, in experiment and the real world. March 2016 Fluid Mechanics...
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31 Mar 2015
Accurately anticipating an approaching typhoon’s destructive force makes all the difference in advance preparations and as a consequence, the cost in lives. But over the decades, climate scientists...
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Researchers from OIST’s Fluid Mechanics Unit and Continuum Physics Unit who authored the paper on typhoons.
30 Mar 2015
From Left to Right: Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty, Head of the Fluid Mechanics Unit, Tapan Sabuwala, researcher in the Continuum Physics Unit and Dr. Gustavo Gioia, Head of the Continuum Physics Unit.
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21 Apr 2014
The OIST Pipe Flow Experiment is poised to bridge a long-standing gap between physics and engineering.  The experimental facility is being set up by Professor Pinaki Chakraborty’s...
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25 Dec 2012
When a fluid flows through a pipe or down the bed of a river at high velocities, it forms whirlpools and becomes turbulent. These whirlpools, known as “eddies”, lead to a striking increase in...
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Eddies in a Turbulent Thin Film of Soapy Water
25 Dec 2012
The thin film is rendered turbulent by eddies of various sizes. Photograph by Hamid Kellay (University of Bordeaux, France)
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Eddies in a Turbulent Pool
25 Dec 2012
The water in the pool is rendered turbulent by eddies of various sizes. Sketch from 15th century by Leonardo da Vinci
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17 Feb 2012
There are more than 200 researchers at OIST coming from approximately 30 countries.  The OIST “scientific passport” podcasts highlight the interesting backgrounds and fascinating research that...
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16 Nov 2011
Turbulent flows over walls experience frictional drag, the property of a flow that sets the cost of pumping oil through a pipeline and the drainage capacity of a river in flood, for example.  ...
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