FY2010 Biological Systems Unit

Biological Systems Unit

Principal Investigator: Igor Goryanin
Research Theme: Systems Biology, bioinformatics, biological network analysis



Based on information extracted from databases and literature, we have extended our previously reconstructed human metabolic networks by integrating the subcellular location and tissue distribution information. Structure analysis methods were used to fill the gaps and exclude the isolated reaction to make the location/tissue specific networks more complete and functionally intact. A new network decomposition method was developed to identify the functional modules in the tissue specific network and thus make it easy to obtain an function overview of the large scale networks. Comparing with the previous methods, the new method is much fast and offers more flexibility to get different number of modules and the hierarchical organization structure. A web interface was developed for the new decomposition and thus made it very easy to use. The method is a general method and it can be used for various networks including non-biological networks.

1. Staff

  • Dr. Hongwu Ma, Researcher (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Azusa Yamaguchi, Researcher (University of Edinburgh)
  • Midori Tanahara, Research Administrator

2. Collaborations

  • Theme: Biological network analysis
    • Type of collaboration: Research Collaboration
    • Researchers:
      • Dr. Tong Hao, Tianjin University
  • Theme: Biological network analysis
    • Type of collaboration: Research Collaboration
    • Researchers:
      • Dr. Azusa Yamaguchi, University of Edinburgh (till March 1st, 2011)

3. Activities and Findings

3.1 Human Metabolic Network

Build a high quality human metabolic network with subcellular location and tissue distribution information

3.2 Website for search, analysis and visualization of the human metabolic network

Develop a website for searching, analysis and visualization of the human metabolic network. Specifically a set of network structure analysis functions can be performed directly from the web tool.

3.3 Develop new method for decomposition of large scale biological networks


4. Publications

4.1 Journals

  1. Goryanin, I. Computational optimization and biological evolution. Biochemical Society Transactions 38, 1206-1209, doi:Doi 10.1042/Bst0381206 (2010).
  2. Hao, T., Ma, H. W., Zhao, X. M. & Goryanin, I. Compartmentalization of the Edinburgh Human Metabolic Network. Bmc Bioinformatics 11, 393, doi:Artn 393 Doi 10.1186/1471-2105-11-393 (2010).

4.2 Books and other one-time publications


4.3 Oral and Poster Presentations

  1. Goryanin, I. Modern Systems Biology, ICSB2010, Edinburgh, UK, Oct 11, 2011

5. Intellectual Property Rights and Other Specific Achievements

     Nothing to report.

6. Meetings and Events

6.1 ICSB2010 (The 11th International Conference on Systems Biology)

  • Date: October 10 -13, 2010
  • Venue: University of Edinburgh
  • Sponsor: University of Edinburgh
  • Speakers: More than 50 speakers with more than 1500 participants