Members of Okinawa Promotion Planning team visit OIST


On August 19, 17 members of Okinawa Promotion Planning Project Team visited OIST. The project team based in Tokyo, consists of members from the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, which in turn is composed of corporate managers and executives. The team was established to promote and support economic development in Okinawa, and is chaired by Mr. Shinichiro Ito, the president and chief executive officer of All Nippon Airways - known as ANA.

In addition to Mr. Ito, Mr. Kyoichiro Uenishi, president and COO of Oriental Land, which runs the Tokyo Disney Resort, and Mr. Takao Watabe, the chairperson of Watabe Wedding Corporation, Japan's top wedding industry company, took part in the visit.

After a greeting by Dr. Jonathan Dorfan, OIST President-elect, Dr. Ulf Skoglund, Principal Investigator of the Structural Cellular Biology Unit, and Dr. Mitarai Satoshi, Independent New Investigator of the Marine Biophysics Unit, gave short presentations on their research.

Responding to the OIST introductory talk, Mr. Ito stated, “I am very impressed by OIST. I am very happy about the fact that the Japanese government has built OIST, a world class university in Japan.  Please continue doing the best for Okinawa, Japan, and the world. ”


Visitors listen to the research presentations

Dr. Mitarai gives a short presentation on his research

Dr. Skoglund talks about his research

The team led by ANA President Mr. Ito (front, right)
Oriental Land President Mr. Uenishi (front)

ANA Executive Vice President Mr. Kiyoshi Tonomoto (center) and IBM Japan Special Adviser Mr. Osamu Kaneda listen to OIST researcher Dr. Chuya Shinzato

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