Summer festival season is here! – OIST joins Unna Festival 2011

Unna Festival is Onna Village’s local summer festival, and this year it took place at Onna Village Community Center on July 22 and 23. Since the summer break for local schools began a few days ago, many children and parents joined the festival to spend the hottest days of the summer. OIST set a booth and displayed the scale model of the OIST campus, science posters and OIST promotional videos to teach visitors about OIST and science and technology in general. The scale model of the OIST campus attracted the interest of many children. By joining the festival, OIST representatives had a chance to meet a lot of local people and strengthen the community bond.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) was also there to introduce aerospace technologies. They prepared interesting activities for children, such as a liquid nitrogen rocket launch experiment, which attracted many children.

As the festival progressed, it grew livelier with local bands, dance performances, and beautiful fireworks to mark the climax of the festival.


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