OIST Talks: Kathy Matsui

Kathy Matsui smiling

OIST President Peter Gruss speaks with leaders from across the business world on 'OIST Talks'

Kathy Matsui is the General Partner at MPower Partners. She talks with Peter on the future of universities and diversity in Japan.

Join us for a fascinating discussion on what can be done to advance women in STEM, diversity at OIST, and the role of investors and finance in diversity.

0:00 - Intro
0:04 - What was your impression of OIST?
0:26 - How much progress has been made on diversity in Japan?
01:50 - How do you see the diversity challenge in Japan?
03:38 - Are the changes in work styles created by the pandemic advantageous for women?
06:15 - What do we need to do to make the most of diversity?
06:48 - How can we get more women into leadership positions?
08:03 - What is the role of investors in diversity?
09:05 - Why is OIST so diverse?
10:54 - How can we further promote open innovation in Japan?
12:38 - How can we ensure investment in science and technology?
14:05 - From a global perspective, how can Japan ‘win’?
17:04 - What is your message to the viewers?

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