OIST Talks: Hiroaki Miyata

Hiroaki Miyata smiling

OIST President Peter Gruss speaks with leaders from across Business and Science in 'OIST Talks'
Guest speaker Hiroaki Miyata, Professor at Keio University, discusses science and technology and the future of Japan.

Hear their thoughts about the role of science in pandemics, the relationship between science and government, and attracting investment and talented people to science.

0:00 - Intro
0:04 - How has society changed after COVID?
1:34 - How can we use science and technology to prepare for pandemics?
3:12 - How can we better collaborate with authorities & government?
5:42 - What is necessary for Japanese science and technology to be able to contribute to the world?
07:10 - How do we gain understanding for investment in science and technology?
8:16 - How can we attract money and talent to the scientific community?
9:26 - How can we change the situation of Japanese academia?
12:46 - Do you have a message about the importance of science and technology?
14:16 - Do you have a message for future scientists?

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