Shops and Restaurants

All areas of the OIST campus, including the cafe and restaurant, are closed to visitors until further notice.

Aien Coffee and Bakery

Table set with bread, vegetables, and colorful cheeses.

Aien Coffee and Bakery serves sandwiches, fresh breads, soups and beverages, including locally-roasted coffee.

Yun-Taku OIST Restaurant

Bentos, fruits, and vegetables for sale.

Yun-Taku OIST Restaurant offers set meals, noodles and bowls prepared on-site, as well as bentos, vegetable and fruit snacks.

Aeon OIST Store

Aeon OIST store entrance

Aeon OIST Store offers a variety of foods and daily necessities.


For the convenience of OIST members and visitors, an Okinawa Bank ATM is located on Level C, near the entrance to the Sky Walk. Guidance is available in English and Japanese. Users can make cash withdrawals from any Japanese bank account, deposits, and bank transfers to any Japanese account using bank cards. Cash withdrawals using foreign credit cards and bank cards is not supported. Hours are

  • Open 08:30-22:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-18:00 Saturday, Sunday, and holidays