Science Festival 2018


Saturday, 17 November 2018
OIST Campus
1919-1, Tancha, Onna
Poster for Science Festival 2018

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Takahiro Nishibayashi
10:30-11:30 Seminar Room Junior High+

The Wonderful World of Cephalopods

Takahiro Nishibayashi
OIST Physics and Biology Unit
When you hear the workd "cephalopod", what do you picture? Nowadays cephalopod aren’t only famous for food but also as an intelligent animal and the professional of camouflage even in Japan. In this lecture, I would like to introduce you about cephalopod in terms of biology.
Dr. Masanori Ie
11:00-12:00 B250 Elementary+

Arrival of Cosmic Age

Dr. Masanori Iye
Professor Emeritus, National Astronomical Obervatory of Japan, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
It has only been 90 years since humans first learned about the spread of the universe. Journey into the solar system and the vast Universe with a virtual spaceship! I will talk about the past and the future of the universe, and the search for a second Earth that new generations telescopes are making possible!
Christopher Eugene Petoukhoff
11:30-12:30 Auditorium All ages

The Magic of Science!

Christopher Eugene Petoukhoff
OIST Femtosecond Spectroscopy
Is it possible for water to stay inside an open cup when it's turned upside down? Can an object levitate with no strings attached? Have you ever seen something appear out of thin air? Are these magic tricks? Or are they science? Come witness firsthand and learn about the magical world explained by science!
Yoko Nomura
13:00-13:45 Seminar Room Junior High+

We Eat Bananas, they wore bananas. Story of Bashofu in science

Yoko Nomura
OIST Science and Technology Associate
You can't eat the Itobasho banana fruit - but generations of Okinawans have made textiles from the plant. See how the traditional textile was made and the science behind it in this lecture, and find out why Dr. Nomura believes that it is the most beautiful textile in the world.
Dr. Yamazaki Shiro
14:00-15:00 B250 Elementary+

Together with Dr. spinning top, let's make color-changing spinning top!

Dr. Shiro Yamazaki
Assistant Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Physics Department
This Spinning top never falls down and it glows!
Takahiro Nishibayashi
15:00-16:00 Auditorium Kids

Secrets of the Octopus and Squid

Takahiro Nishibayashi
OIST Physics and Biology Unit
When you think about octopuses or squid, you might think of food. But did you know that these creatures are smart and masters of disguise? In this class, we will learn about the amazing and cool behaviour of octopuses and squids.

Science Programs

Play with a Humanoid Robot!

Have you ever played with humanoid robot? Come join us!

Programming with Neko-chan

Learn to program with cats, fish, squirrels and mice all on your computer with Scratch!
Sessions at 10:30, 11:15, 13:00, 13:45, 14:30, and 15:15. Seats can be reserved online, and there will be 10 seats set aside for walk-ins in each session.
Everyone is welcome to join the Live Coding session 12:00-13:00 (no reservation needed).

OIST PhD Program and Research Internship Program

Come meet the OIST admissions team to learn more about the PhD Program and Research Internship Program.

Watch Weird Animals Evolve - In 3D

Join the weird zoo, and take a part in the evolution process. Draw your animal and see what it becomes when it interacts with the others!

Catch Me if You Can

Cephalopods are masters of camouflage. How do they hide from hungry predators? How does camouflage work and what other animals also use it? Optical illusions - How you can fool your senses?

Fun with Light! Light Painting

Welcome to the OIST Optical Society's booth, Fun With Light! Create fun and colorful photos at our Light Painting booth. You can also help us look for Hikari-chan's friend Wally around OIST using a telescope!

Monster Toothpaste and Strange Liquids


It’s a Small World! Build your Own Terrarium Microcosm

Build your own little ecosystem using recycled plastic bottles and plants! Let’s learn about how water moves through the atmosphere and the earth!

Experiments with Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

Have you experienced a super cold world? Let's see what happens when it gets to -196C!!

The Wonderful World of Honeybees

Have ever seen inside a honeybee colony? Come observe honeybees through our observational beehive with no fear of stings! Discover more about the bee world and where they come from. You can even play a researcher role with our video game, ECOEVO QUEST.

Let's Explore the Mysterious World of Atoms Spreading over Electron Microscopes!


Deep Sea Explorers

Let's take a look at creatures collected from the deep-sea around Okinawa!

Let's Try Using a Color Changing Paper Chip?

The color changes immediately! Let's examine familiar things with small "paper" that changes color!

Register for the OIST Talent Pool!

Come and explore various employment opportunities at OIST – you don’t have to be a researcher to work at a world-class research institution! Register your details with us, and speak directly with the recruiters to learn how you can contribute and join the OIST family.

Wonders of Ants & OKEON Chura-mori Project

Did you know that there are over 12000 species of ants? Ants are extremely interesting creatures that fascinate scientists and the public. Come and see wonders of the ant world as well as learn about OIST’s broader efforts to measure and monitor Okinawa’s biodiversity and environment as part of the OKEON Chura-mori project.

Let's Become an Ant Expert Today!

Let's learn about ants' character by using an identification list and 3D models, you will learn to identify the name of different ants!
Sessions at 11:00 and 14:00.
Only 20 people for each session. First come first served.
(Japanese language only)

State-of-the-Art Technologies Supporting Research at OIST

What kind of high tech devices are used for research at OIST? You will understand it easily by visiting this booth!

Science of Bashofu (Panel Exhibition)

The OIST event Science of Bashofu which took place last summer is coming back! Panel exhibition only. Please enjoy Yoko’s talk in science café also.

Having Fun Building Paper Mobius Kaleidocycles

Have you ever built a paper ring which can change its shape and turn inside out? Together we will build beautiful paper rings which show all colors of the rainbow when they move!


Come get a group picture taken at the OIST Instagram Booth to make your Science Festival 2018 an unforgettable day!

Let’s Play with Robots!

Let’s try to make easy programming of LEGO robots and see how they actually move!

Experience the World of Computers

Curious about what a “super” computer looks like or does? Come here and let’s experience the wonderful world of computers.

Experience Cyber Security

Have you experienced the reality of cyber security?

Experience LIVE Video Conference

Have you experience the video conference by connecting from anywhere, anytime and from any device?

Observation of C. Elegans

Observation of C. elegans. Do you know what it is? Let’s observe it with a microscope!

Food Vendors

You will get to taste a variety of international foods.

Bus Shuttles

Registration Required: Registration will start on Monday, 29 October at 10am.

From Okinawa Prefectural Government Office in Naha to OIST
  Dep Pref Office Arr OIST Reserve
A:  From Pref Govt Office 8:30 9:30 Reserve Bus A Departing at 8:30
B:  From Pref Govt Office 9:00 10:00 Reserve Bus B Departing at 9:00
C:  From Pref Govt Office 11:00 12:00 Reserve Bus C Departing at 11:00

From OIST to Okinawa Prefectural Government Office in Naha
  Dep OIST Arr Pref Office Reserve
D:  To Pref Govt Office 14:00 15:00 Reserve Bus D Departing at 14:00
E:  To Pref Govt Office 16:00 17:00 Reserve Bus E Departing at 16:00
F:  To Pref Govt Office 16:30 17:30 Reserve Bus F Departing at 16:30


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