Explore the interface between engineering and miniaturization, one of the most intriguing and active areas of inquiry in modern technology, through the interdisciplinary research area of microfluidics. Investigate emerging microfluidics disciplines, including molecular assembly to bulk and device level scales, and applications in novel materials synthesis, bio-technology and nanotechnology.  Learn about fundamental aspects of fluid mechanics, scaling laws and flow transport at small length scales with case studies in multi-phase flows, droplet-based microfluidics along with capillary-driven, pressure-driven, and electro-kinetic based microfluidics.  Perform hands-on lab experiments on standard microfabrication techniques and lab-on-a-chip device integration.

Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

A good pass in B13 Fluid Mechanics is required for A212. If you have taken Fluid Mechanics during your former BSc or MSc degree, please contact Prof. Amy Shen directly to determine whether you are prepared to take A212.