Introduction to Real Analysis

In most Calculus courses, we learned many useful computation techniques without further explanation of the concepts behind the tools. Real analysis, which sometimes can be roughly understood as “advanced calculus”,  is to set the solid mathematical foundation for calculus. In this course, we will visit many fundamental concepts of mathematical analysis through the lecture and exercises.

 The principal topics of the course include fundamentals of logic, basic set theory, functions, number systems, order completeness of the real numbers and its consequences, sequences and series, topology of R^n, continuous functions, uniform convergence, compactness, theory of differentiation and integration. 


Target students and prerequisites:
The course is an introductory course and is designed to be accessible to students that are seeing proofs for the first time. The only prerequisite is an understanding of the results from single-variable calculus. Successful completion of undergraduate Calculus or equivalent courses is required to take this course. Multivariable calculus is not a prerequisite. If you are not sure about the prerequisite material, please contact the instructor at the beginning of the course.


Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

Successful completion of undergraduate single-variable calculus