Human Subjects Research: A Primer

Explore and discuss the particular requirements of research with human subjects with reference to conceptualization, research design, sampling and data collection methods, ethics, and statistical treatment of data.  Learn how to formulate clear and testable hypotheses; describe different sampling methods, their strengths and limitations; identify any ethical issues or concerns for a given research study;  evaluate the strength of different research designs, together with their appropriateness for addressing different research questions; judge the quality of research methods and measures based on indices of reliability and validity. Prepare information letter(s) and consent form(s) and develop a grant application/research proposal (background, hypotheses, methods, statistical analyses, significance) for a human subjects research study. Present a research report on a topic of interest. The emphasis is on behavioral sciences research, but the content can apply to many fields of study.

Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this course. Students will be expected to complete assigned readings ahead of class in order to participate fully.