Research Facilities

Lab 1

Completed in March of 2010, Laboratory 1 connects directly to the Center Building, with the Level C entrance opening to the Center Court.

Laboratory 1 houses faculty offices, wet benches, workstations, and research facilities for almost 20 research units. Major resources include Electron Microscope Suite, DNA Sequencing Center, Zebra Fish Aquarium, Supercomputing Center, machining workshop, radioisotope facility, and electronics workshop.

Lab 2

Laboratory 2 was completed in June of 2012 and is connected to the Center Building by the Sky Walk.

Laboratory 2 houses faculty offices, wet benches, and workstations for approximately 20 faculty research units. Major resources include classrooms, chemistry and laser labs, a class 1000 (partly Class 100) clean room, and an ant room.

Lab 2 was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Certification in 2013. Features contributing to the certification include parking spaces for low-emission vehicles, bicycle lockers, efficient lighting, local sourcing of construction materials, and use and reuse of water. Read press release "OIST Lab Wins Award for Sustainable Design" in the OIST News Center.

Lab 3

Laboratory 3 was completed in March 2015. The new lab building connects directly to Lab 2, and two new Skywalk bridges connect it to Lab 1 and the Center Building. Lab 3 houses more faculty offices, labs, meeting rooms, classrooms, and wet and dry labs.

It also has substantial space for development and preparation for the commercialization of scientific advances made at OIST. The Graduate School offices are also located in Lab 3.

Lab 4

Most recent photo of Lab 4 construction progress.


OIST Marine Science Station

The OIST Marine Science Station (OMSS) is located in the Seragaki Port of Onna Village, approximately eight kilometres northeast of the main campus in Tancha, Onna.

The facility is equipped with 80 water tank systems and a 3-meter deep pool. OMSS serves as an experimental site for OIST scientists and others in Japan and abroad to carry out their research projects in the field of marine science.