To all conference attendees:

Parking for conference attendees is not available on weekdays unless prearranged between OIST and the conference organizers.

Please contact directly the organizers of the conference to inquire if parking has been reserved.

Map of OIST parking.

Village Center Parking

Employees, students, and visitors to the campus can use the Village Center Parking, the 320-vehicle capacity Parking Building, or the Conference Center parking lot.

After climbing the hill, you will see the large Village Center parking area on your right as you approach the Village Center Building.

Parking Building

To get to the Parking Building and the Conference Center, proceed straight and pass slowly under the Village Center building.

You will come to the Parking Building.

Conference Center Parking

Next to the Parking Building is Conference Center Parking.

After parking, walk through the Auditorium foyer to reach the covered walkway that in turn leads to the Main Entrance. Visitors can then sign in with reception and follow the Tunnel Gallery to the elevators.

Jimmy's Parking

The Conference Center parking area includes three parking spaces reserved for customers of the campus Jimmy's store, which is across the street from the Conference Center parking area.