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About the OIST Podcast

Welcome to the OIST Podcast, bringing you the latest in science and tech from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

Each episode dives into the work of a different academic, bringing them out of the lab to talk about how their research is changing the world.

Guests include distinguished scientists from top institutions across the globe, as well as researchers making cutting-edge discoveries here in Okinawa.

Interviews are intended to provide short, accessible introductions to contemporary scientific topics, and how different research spaces are impacting society.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Margaret Mars Brisbin

Plankton research and marine conservation with Margaret Mars Brisbin

July 13, 2020

Margaret Mars Brisbin is a recent OIST graduate whose PhD focused on Acantharians – tiny, marine organisms. Science communication fellow, Lucy Dickie, spoke to Maggi about this research, marine conservation more broadly, and why it’s important for marine scientists to inspire others to care about the ocean. For more information, read her recently published paper or the accompanying blog post.


Prof. Mary Collins

OIST’s response to COVID-19 with Professor Mary Collins

July 13, 2020
In this episode, Lucy Dickie speaks to OIST Provost Professor Mary Collins about COVID-19. We talk about the virus but also OIST’s response to the outbreak in Okinawa, and the many projects that have been started here to help contain the spread within the community.

Prof. Greg Stephens

The Physics of Behavior with Greg Stephens

June 18, 2020
This episode Lucy Dickie speaks to OIST adjunct researcher Professor Greg Stephens about quantifying behavior. Greg looks at systems across the biological world, from tiny wiggling worms and rowdy zebrafish to crowds of people.

Marine Science at OIST

May 07, 2020
In this episode of the OIST podcast, we talk with Michael Izumiyama and Billy Moore. Both are first year marine science students and have just returned from a two-week research expedition to New Caledonia. We talked about their research, their favorite dive spots and when they first became interested in the ocean.

Mr. James Higa

Radical Collaboration with James Higa

March 12, 2020
This episode we're talking with James Higa, Okinawan raised luminary of Silicon Valley. We talk Apple, philanthropy, and the future of tech in Okinawa and beyond.

A friendship of a decade: Dr. Tamar Gutnick pets her favorite tortoise, George, a 100-year-old Aldabra tortoise housed in Vienna Zoo.

Dr. Michael Kuba

Animal Behavior with Tamar Gutnick

February 21, 2020
This episode, we talk with OIST Researcher Dr. Tamar Gutnick about working with animals, choosy tortoises, petting stingrays and the mysterious lives of wibbly-wobbly cephalopods.