Dr. Jeff Wickens Wins Prestigious Neuroscience Prize


Dr. Jeff Wickens, who leads the OIST Neurobiology Research Unit, is a member of an international group that has been awarded the 2011 Paxinos-Watson Prize.  The Australian Neuroscience Society awards this prize annually to the authors of the most significant neuroscience paper published in the previous year by a member of the society.  The research paper selected for the 2011 prize is: ‘Short-latency activation of striatal spiny neurons via subcortical visual pathways.’ by Schulz JM, Redgrave P, Mehring C, Aertsen A, Clements KM, Wickens JR, Reynolds JN, published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

“ I am honored by this award,” said Dr. Wickens. “ The paper is the product of a collaboration between scientists working at universities in four different countries, and illustrates the international cooperation in research that OIST promotes.”


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