Friday, 30. September 2011 - 1:15

Dr. Hidetoshi Saze receives the Genetics Society of Japan’s Young Investigator Award



Dr. Hidetoshi Saze, Principal Investigator of the Plant Epigenetics Unit, was awarded the 2011 Young Investigator Award by the Genetics Society of Japan. Formerly at the National Institute of Genetics in Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, Dr. Saze joined OIST on September 1 to study epigenetic regulation of gene activity and trans-generational inheritance of epigenetic memory in plants.

Each year, the Genetics Society of Japan gives the award to a promising researcher who has accomplished significant research achievements in the field of genetics. Prior to joining OIST, Dr. Saze worked at the National Institute of Genetics, after earning his master’s degree and Ph.D at Kyoto University and University of Basel in Switzerland, respectively. In January 2008, his paper entitled “Control of genic DNA methylation by a jmjC-domain containing protein in Arabidopsis thaliana” was published in the American scientific journal Science.

The award ceremony and the award acceptance speech took place on September 21 at Kyoto University, following the 83th general meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan. Congratulations, Dr. Saze! We wish you many more successes in your work at OIST!

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