Okinawa Industrial Federation Visits OIST

On Friday, April 22nd, 30 members of the Okinawa Industrial Federation visited Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation (OIST). Chaired by Mr. Masahide Wakugawa (President, Okinawa Gas Co., Ltd.), the federation represents 380 member companies.

Executive Director Dr. Robert Baughman greeted the participants, who were then given an explanation of the progress toward the establishment of the graduate university and a tour of the research laboratory. The event ended with a chance for federation members and OIST Principal Investigators to exchange business cards and talk about their respective business and research endeavors.

Dr. Alexander Mikheyev of the Ecology and Evolution Unit proposed a tour of a local brewery to explore the possibility of doing joint research into the ecological systems and interactions of microorganisms like yeast. Drs. Ulf Skoglund, Noriyuki Satoh, Jonathan Miller, Shinobu Hikami, and Ichiro Maruyama also explained their research to the federation members and answered questions.

Chairperson Wakugawa's closing speech
Okinawa Industrial Federation Chairperson Mr. Masahide Wakugawa gives his closing remarks.
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In his closing speech, Okinawa Industrial Federation Chairperson Mr. Masahide Wakugawa expressed his hopes for the future: "I look forward to seeing joint research projects develop from the relationship between OIST and Okinawan companies, and I am sure that this is the start of a closer relationship between OIST and our members, one that will lead to opportunities for the graduate school to make great contributions to industrial development in Okinawa."

We would like to thank the business leaders who participated in this first step toward building a cooperative relationship between OIST and the businesses of Okinawa prefecture.

Dr. Sato (right) exchanges business cards with a visitor.
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A federation member explains his business to Dr. Skoglund (right).
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Dr. Mikheyev (right) talks to one of the participants.
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Dr. Miller (second from right) asks one of the federation members about his company's products and materials.
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