Organic Photonics and Electronics

Course Aim

Students will be able to understand the basic knowledge of organic photonics and electronics together with experimental skills. Target Students: Students interested in Chemistry, Materials Sciences, and Optoelectronics

Course Description

Explore the exciting interdisciplinary world of organic photonic and electronic devices, with wide application in industry and research. Lectures and accompanying hands-on experiments develop understanding of fundamental concepts in synthesis and  purification of organic optoelectronics. Perform a range of photophysical functional analyses. Discover and discuss device physics and fabrication of organic LEDs, transistors, solar cells, and lasers.

Course Contents

1. Molecular design and organic synthesis
2. Organic synthesis and purification
3. Basics of photochemistry
4. Photophysical analysis 1 (Absorption and emission)
5. Photophysical analysis 2 (Kinetics)
6. Photophysical analysis 3 (Delayed fluorescence)
7. Photophysical analysis 4 (Environmental effects)
8. Basics of organic electronics
9. Device fabrications
10. Organic light-emitting diodes
11. Organic transistors
12. Organic solar cell
13. Organic laser


Performance on experiments 50%, Experiment reports 50%

Prerequisites or Prior Knowledge

undergraduate level chemistry knowledge

Research Specialties