OIST is a pioneering graduate university. We conduct research that bridges disciplines to explore new frontiers of scientific knowledge. We educate a new generation of scientific leaders. We are a catalyst for an innovation hub in Okinawa.


Research and Faculty

OIST has no academic departments. Researchers from more than 50 countries collaborate across and combine scientific disciplines to pioneer new approaches to discovery and problem-solving.

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Research at OIST
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Faculty and Research Units

Study at OIST

Apply for our 5-year PhD program in Science. We also offer short-term Research Internships. Both programs are competitive, cross-disciplinary, fully funded, and taught entirely in English by world-class international faculty.

Science Without Boundaries
A university with no departments, OIST has no artificial barriers between people working in different fields, thus encouraging innovation. With a state-of-the-art research environment, OIST attracts outstanding students and faculty around the world.
PhD and Research Internship Program
OIST offers an individualized, cross-disciplinary PhD program that funds students up to 5 years. The Research Internship program offers financial and travel support for 2 to 6 months of experience working in an OIST research lab under OIST faculty.
Student Life
OIST offers a first-class postgraduate experience – both inside and outside the classroom. A wide range of educational, recreational, social, and cultural activities provide many opportunities to explore your passions and master something new.
Driving Innovation Toward Impact
OIST connects world-leading research and global business to co-create solutions to society’s most pressing challenges – attracting talent to Okinawa’s emerging innovation ecosystem.
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  • Corporate partnerships and collaborations
  • Technology development and licensing
  • Entrepreneurship and startups
OIST was established in and for Okinawa. Take advantage of local education, science, and culture programs or tour the campus.
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Science outreach and cultural exchange activities for audiences in 

  • elementary school
  • junior high school
  • high school
  • college
  • the general public
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address some of the most pressing global challenges we face today. 
Our Contribution to Okinawa
OIST is leading educational initiatives, providing employment opportunities, building and sustaining strong partnerships, and driving research and innovation to benefit Okinawa and Japan.