Postdoctoral Scholar/Quantum Dynamics Unit


The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST; see is a dynamic graduate university of science and technology in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The school is located on 85 hectares of protected forestland overlooking beautiful shorelines and coral reefs. The campus is striking architecturally, and the facilities are outstanding (OIST campus video tour). There are no academic departments, which facilitates cross-disciplinary research. Superb resources and equipment are provided and managed to encourage easy access and collaboration. English is the official language of the university, and the research community is fully international, with more than 50 countries represented. After only ten years, OIST is rapidly gaining recognition in the worldwide academic community as a model for excellence in research, education, and innovation.



85 ヘクタールの敷地に広がる大自然の中に設立され、美しい海岸とサンゴ礁を見下ろす場所に位置します。キャンパスは建築学的観点から見ても印象的なこだわりが施され、その自然の中にある大学施設を際立たせています。学部の壁を作らないことで、学際的な研究成果を生み出せる環境を提供し、また学内の誰もが、最高水準のリソースへのアクセスと研究機器の利用が可能で、共同研究に生かせるような仕組みを整えています。

学内では英語を公用語とし、50 ヵ国以上から集まる研究者コミュニティは真の国際性を保持しています。OISTは科学技術の革新、そして沖縄の経済発展の原動力となるイノベーション創出に取り組んでいます。


The Quantum Dynamics Unit at OIST seeks to recruit motivated researches (postdocs, staff scientists, technicians/engineers) to work in the fields of experimental condensed matter and low temperature physics. Vacant positions are available starting from year 2022, in particular to work on one of the following research topics

  1. Detection and manipulation of single electron on liquid helium in fabricated microstructures

Brief description: We develop ultra-sensitive image-charge detection of the Rydberg-state excitations of a few to a single electron confined in microchannel devices fabricated in our clean-room facilities. This work is motivated by its potential use for spin-state detection and spin qubits. 

  1. Cavity QED experiments with electron ensembles on liquid helium.

Brief description: We develop high-Q microwave Fabry-Perot resonators and microwave detection methods and use them to study the coupling of electron ensembles on liquid helium to light and related phenomena. One of potential applications is development of the electron-spin resonance methods for electrons on helium.

Other areas of research pursued in our unit are possible. For details, see


PhD in Physics and/or relevant experience in experimental low temperature physics and electrical engineering. English is the working language of our university.


Compensation in accordance with the OIST Employee Compensation Regulations


  • Relocation, housing and commuting allowances
  • Annual paid leave and summer holidays
  • Health insurance (Private School Mutual Aid )
  • Welfare pension insurance (kousei-nenkin)
  • Worker’s accident compensation insurance (roudousha-saigai-hoshou-hoken)
  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • Brief description of previous research and achievements (not exceeding 2 pages)
  • Names and contact information of at least 2 potential reference writers

* Prior to the start of employment all new hires are required to successfully complete a background check. Personal information including employment history and academic background should be submitted to third-party administrators after a conditional offer of employment.

 Apply by emailing your Submission Documents to:

  • OIST Graduate University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and employer and is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, students and staff. The University strongly encourages applications from underrepresented groups.
  • Information provided by applicants or references will be kept confidential, documents will not be returned. All applicants will be notified regarding the status of their applications.  OIST Privacy Policy
  • Please view our policy for rules on external professional activities (
  • Further details about the University can be viewed on our website (

Full-time, the position is initially for two years and can be extended to one more year. Continuing position for staff scientists and technicians/engineers can be considered after three years.


9:00-17:30 (Discretionary)

Prof. Denis Konstantinov, Quantum Dynamics Unit
メインキャンパス:沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字谷茶 1919-1
*Application will be closed once the position is filled.