2.7 Use & Management of Seals

2.7.1  Official Seals – The Official Seals are the seals to signify authenticity of contracts, agreements, and other official documents of the Corporation or the University by affixing their seal impressions, and their use is limited to that purpose. Typical examples include the official seals of;

  1. OIST School Corporation
  2. CEO of OIST School Corporation
  3. OIST Graduate University
  4. President of OIST Graduate University

In addition, official seals for internal organizations or their heads may be developed as necessary.

2.7.2 Production and Custody – Any of University/Corporation’s official seals shall be produced by the COO and registered in a registry (Official Seal Registry) developed and maintained by the COO. The seals are in the custody of the COO or the officials that are registered in the Official Seal Registry with an approval of the COO. Any official seals shall be kept with utmost care in accordance with the guidelines developed by the COO.

2.7.3 Use of Seals – Official seals shall be affixed by an employee registered in the registry only after carefully confirming the documents are authorized by the President/CEO or the authorized delegatee. Copy of Seal Impression – With a prior approval by the COO, the impression of official seals may be copied or electronically inserted, when issuing standardized documents, such as ID cards and certifications or issuing a large number of documents with the same contents. Signatures – When making a document written only in English and used in business transactions, such as making contracts or agreements, with entities outside of Japan, a signature may be used to verify the authenticity of the document in substitution for official seals.

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