13.5 Procedures

The specific response and reporting procedure based on 13.2.5 are following. The other procedures of each particular item in this chapter are defined in each set of relevant University Rules:


  1. If incidents, accidents, injuries, or sickness occurs as a result of work, the victim or the witness must immediately report to the victim's supervisor and the Central Control Room (Bosai Center) [link: 10.8.4]. When treatment for injured personnel is necessary, priority should be given to contacting the Health Center or the public emergency services.
  2. Depending on the details of the incident, accident, injury or sickness, the Central Control Room (Bosai Center) shall contact the public emergency services, Occupational Health and Safety (Safety and Health Committee [link: https://groups.oist.jp/rs/safety-and-health-committee-minutes]  Secretariat),  Health  Center, and/or  other  relevant  sections  as necessary.  If a victim is a student, the Central Control Room (Bosai Center) shall also contact the Student Support Section.
  3. The Occupational Health and Safety, Health Center, and relevant sections shall immediately share information on the incident, accident, injury, or sickness and take necessary action.
  4. The Occupational Health and Safety Leader shall report to the General Safety and Health Manager and the Safety and Health Committee members. For serious incidents, accidents, injuries, or sickness, the Occupational Health and Safety Leader shall also report immediately to the President and to the Provost
    • Details of response procedures shall be in accordance with the “OIST Graduate University Emergency, Safety, and Health Procedures and Guidelines [link: https://groups.oist.jp/rs] and other rules.
    • If the victim or witness is able to identify the section that should respond, then he/she may directly contact that section without following the procedure above (for example, contacting the Animal Resources Section in the case of an incident or accident during animal experiment).
    • It is not necessary to follow the procedure above in the case of minor incidents or accidents. However, a report shall be sent by email or other means to the Occupational Health and Safety at a later date. [link: 13.2.5]
  5. The University collects incident and accident cases for preventing damages caused by accidents or disasters which may occur at the campus. Please see "OIST Incident and Accident Reporting Guideline" for accidents and incidents which are in the scope of the collection and specific procedures for reporting.
  • The reports are used only for accident prevention activities, and the reporters will not be sanctioned for reporting the cases.