25.2 General considerations


The housing at the University has been developed under a Public Private Partnership with Okinawa Scientists Village Co., Ltd (the Developer). Under the terms of the Project Contract between the University and the Developer, the housing has been designed and constructed by the Developer to a specification agreed between the two parties. Upon completion of the buildings, ownership has been transferred to the University, and the University has entered into a Master Lease with the Developer to operate and maintain the housing on behalf of the university for a period of 30 years. In principle, the Developer’s sole source of income is the rental fees derived from the use of the housing by members of the university. To ensure the commercial viability of the project for the Developer, the University has given an undertaking to maintain an agreed level of occupancy in the housing.


Notwithstanding the above (25.2.1), certain costs for long-term renovation of the housing are to be borne by the University, in accordance with provisions set out in the Project Contract between the University and the Developer.


In principle, housing is provided on an unfurnished basis. However, the University has furnished a number of apartments and houses for use by incoming students, researchers and faculty without their own furniture.  A separate monthly charge is made by the university to residents in furnished housing to recover the replacement cost of the items installed.


A limited number of furnished houses and apartments are held by the University for short-term use by visiting faculty and researchers. Eligibility and conditions are set out in 21.5.4.


Off-campus housing may be rented by the university for Officers and employees. Eligibility and conditions are set out in Off-campus Rental Housing Regulations .

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