SDG Digest #1

The OIST SDG Digest is your new go-to resource for all the latest sustainable development initiatives and advancements happening here at OIST and around us.

Dear OIST Community,

We are delighted to announce the launch of the OIST SDG Digest, your new go-to resource for all the latest sustainable development initiatives and advancements happening here at OIST and around us. You’ve probably heard of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, which serve as a blueprint for creating a more sustainable future for all. At OIST, we recognize the importance of this global agenda and are committed to doing our part in achieving these goals.

Through these periodic digests, we hope to showcase the progress made by our faculty and students, administrators and researchers, external collaborators and local partners, in advancing sustainable development, and to highlight opportunities for your involvement and collaboration.

We encourage you to share your own projects and initiatives related to sustainability with us, as collective action and collaboration are crucial to creating a sustainable future for all.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to sustainable development.

Best regards,
OIST’s SDG Initiative

Eco-Friendly News

  1. What is OIST’s SDG Initiative?
    OIST's SDG Initiative is a university-wide commitment to sustainability with an aim to engage with and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We raise awareness, partner with OIST researchers, staff and students, and cultivate collaboration with external stakeholders, all to promote a sustainable future.
    Read more here
  2. Congratulations to Prof. Yabing Qi of the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit 
    for being selected as a national nominee for the inaugural Frontier Planet Prize!
    Read more here
  3. A Sustainable Approach to Deep-Sea Mining
    The Okinawa Trough is a promising location for deep-sea mining, but a recent study by OIST researchers emphasizes the potential hazards of this activity on the unique biodiversity that inhabits the region’s hydrothermal vents.
    Read more here
  4. Cutting down Energy Costs of Fluid Transport
    A recent study conducted by OIST researchers suggests that turning pumps on and off can reduce turbulence in pipes and potentially cut energy costs of fluid transport by 22%.
    Read more here


Upcoming Events

  1. Check out the OKEON Project on display at Nago Museum's Pre-Opening Event
    March 1-31, 2023

Past Events

  1. OIST x OYW Spring Camp 2023
    March 21-25, 2023
    Spring Camp to foster the next generation of leaders and social entrepreneurs
  2. Sango Day: Onna Village Save the Coral Project
    OISTers worked with the local community to preserve the surrounding rich natural environment of Onna village
    Check here
  3. Beyond Academic Impact: What Is the Societal Contribution of Universities?
    Dr. Anders Karlsson explored the role of universities in driving broader societal impact 
    Read event report here
  4. Okinawa Sustainable City Summit 2022: Envisioning the future of sustainable cities and communities
    Read the event report here

Empowering Eco-Friendly Actions: Essential Resources

  1. SDG Working Team Meeting: The Inside Scoop!
    Meeting minutes of the monthly SDG Working Group are now published and accessible by the OIST community.
    Check here (You must be logged in)
  2. Carbon Literacy and Climate Action Training by Zeroverse
    Check here
  3. Stuck in a food rut for your child? Check out these inspiring ideas!
    OIST Tedako Child Development Center is running an initiative to showcase school lunches, snacks, and beautifully homemade bentos for children and parents worldwide.
    Check here
  4. Tedako Green Tips from March: Voting for the Planet
    Children will be much more affected by climate change than adults today. Children born in 2020 are up to 7 times more likely to experience extreme weather events than people born in 1960 (ref). As adults, voting for climate-friendly leadership is one of the most powerful actions we can take. Consider who the climate-friendly candidates are when you next cast your vote in a government election, for a board member, or committee chair. Even the small actions of a local board member can add up to big changes for a community and, in turn, the world.

Opportunities to Join OIST's SDG Movement

  1. Ditch single-use containers: bring your own coffee cups and bento boxes!
    Join the Share Cup initiative brought to you by the OIST ECO club
  2. Check out Student Group Projects
    Last year, OIST students contributed to advancing sustainability through their projects as part of the Professional and Career Development Program
    Check here

March Awareness: Clean Water and Sanitation in the Spotlight

Find out how you can contribute to saving water from your couch through The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving Water

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